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29 Out Of 30 NBA Teams Made Operating Profit In 19-20 At Average Of...

The Oklahoma City Thunder were the only team in the NBA to have an operating loss last season.

Operating profits reached a record $70 million per team last season, which was up 15 percent from the season before.

There were six teams that had profits of at least $100 million.

For the Thunder, they lost $23 million due to their $61 million luxury tax bill in a small market. The owners of the Thunder made the decision out of their own accord to relocate the franchise from Seattle (14th biggest market) to Oklahoma City (41st biggest market).

NBA Franchise Valuations Up 14 Percent From 2019 To $2.12 Billion Average

Forbes has released the NBA franchise valuations for 2020 with a league-wide increase of 14 percent from 2019 to an average of $2.12 billion. NFL valuations have increased 11 percent and Major League Baseball has increased eight percent.

The NBA generated a combined $8.8 billion in revenue last season, which was up 10 percent over the previous season. Gate receipts are projected to increase eight percent overall in 19-20 as the Golden State Warriors opened a new arena while renovations were completed in Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Washington.

The New York Knicks are the NBA's most valuable team for the fifth straight season and have increased by 15 percent to $4.6 billion, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers at $4.4 billion and the Golden State Warriors at $4.3 billion.

1. New York Knicks: $4.6 billion (+15%)
2. Los Angeles Lakers: $4.4 billion (+19%)
3. Golden State Warriors: $4.3 billion (+23%)
4. Chicago Bulls: $3.2 billion (+10%)
5. Boston Celtics: $3.1 billion (+11%)
6. Los Angeles Clippers: $2.6 billion (+18%)
7. Brooklyn Nets: $2.5 billion (+6%)
8. Houston Rockets: $2.475 billion (+8%)
9. Dallas Mavericks: $2.4 billion (+7%)
10. Toronto Raptors: $2.1 billion (+25%)
11. Philadelphia 76ers: $2.0 billion (+21%)
12. Miami Heat: $1.95 billion (+11%)
13. Portland Trail Blazers: $1.85 billion (+16%)
14. San Antonio Spurs: $1.8 billion (+11%)
15. Sacramento Kings: $1.75 billion (+13%)
16. Washington Wizards: $1.775 billion (+13%)
17. Phoenix Suns: $1.625 billion (+8%)
18. Denver Nuggets: $1.6 billion (+16%)
19. Milwaukee Bucks: $1.58 billion (+17%)
20. Oklahoma City Thunder: $1.575 billion (+7%)
21. Utah Jazz: $1.55 billion (+9%)
22. Indiana Pacers: $1.525 billion (+9%)
23. Atlanta Hawks: $1.52 billion (+17%)
24. Cleveland Cavaliers: $1.51 (+18%)
25. Charlotte Hornets: $1.5 billion (+20%)
26. Detroit Pistons: $1.45 billion (+14%)
27. Orlando Magic: $1.43 billion (+8%)
28. Minnesota Timberwolves: $1.375 billion (+9%)
29. New Orleans Pelicans: $1.35 billion (+11%)
30. Memphis Grizzlies: $1.3 billion (+8%)

76ers Had Interest In Re-Signing Jimmy Butler On Max Extension

The Philadelphia 76ers traded for Jimmy Butler and he led them all the way to a Game 7 against the eventual champion Toronto Raptors, but they were unable to re-sign him in free agency.

It has been unclear which side between Butler and the 76ers was more responsible for the parting of ways.

A source tells Nick Friedell of ESPN that the 76ers had interest in signing Butler to a max contract extension, but they pivoted to re-signing Tobias Harris once negotiations with Butler reached an impasse.

Butler went to the Miami Heat in a sign-and-trade in which the 76ers acquired Josh Richardson.

Jimmy Butler To Joel Embiid: I Know A Place Where Villains Are Welcome

Jimmy Butler replied to Joel Embiid's cryptic social media post on Monday evening.

Embiid posted a photo of himself silencing the crowd in Philadelphia after hitting a key three-pointer with the quote "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" as the caption.

Butler and Embiid were teammates last season.

Butler replied "I know a place where villains are welcome." Butler presumably was referencing the possibility of Embiid joining the Miami Heat. Embiid cannot become a free agent until 2023 and the Heat almost certainly don't have enough assets to trade for him relative to what rival teams could offer.

LeBron James: My Participation In 2020 Olympics Based On Body, Family

LeBron James has played in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics, but sat out the 2016 games. James is on the preliminary roster for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and will presumably be allowed to make his decision whenever he wants.

"My name is in the hat and it's always predicated on: one; my body, how my body is feeling at the end of the season -- I hope to make a long playoff run," James said. "And then where my mind is and then where my family's head is. So, it's a lot of factors but my name is in the hat."

Anthony Davis played in the 2012 Olympics as an incoming NBA rookie, but also sat out the 2016 Olympics. Davis is not sure if he will play in 2020.

"I don't know; I'm getting old," Davis said with a laugh. "I don't know."

Davis believes his experience in 2012 was formative.

"Being around those guys taught me a lot, showed me a lot, and I think I wouldn't be the player I am today if it wasn't for those guys," Davis said. "Kob' [Bryant], LeBron, 'Melo [Anthony], Tyson [Chandler], [Chris Paul], Russ [Westbrook], James [Harden], it was all my guys. I was their guy, their rookie. And it just helped me become a professional early in my career, showing me how to work, how to work hard, and I kind of carried that through my career."

Jrue Holiday: I Feel Like I’m Built For This Pelicans’ Team

With the New Orleans Pelicans rebuilding around Zion Williamson and presumably Brandon Ingram, there has been talk for months about the possibility of trading Jrue Holiday.

Both Holiday and the Pelicans have maintained that they would like him to remain with the team.

"I honestly feel like I'm built for this team, and the way that we've been able to come together has really been cool," Holiday told CBS Sports. "I feel like I'm committed to this team and the players. I know for me personally, I try not to let my teammates down, so every time I come out here I feel like I try to put on my hard hat and my armor and go out there and fight for them."

After a slow start to the season, the Pelicans are now within range of a playoff spot.

"It's been fun, just being able to grow together," Holiday said. "Going through tough times, like losing 13 straight and coming out of that and feeling like -- obviously there's an upside to that."

Nick Nurse After Raptors’ 15th Straight Win: ‘We’re Getting Everybody’s A-Plus Game’

The Toronto Raptors won their 15th straight game after their 137-126 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The win spoiled D'Angelo Russell's Wolves debut.

"I think we're getting everybody's A-plus game. They were really good, I thought, for a lot of stretches. We just had to try to figure some things out," said Nick Nurse after the game.

Nurse discussed his gameplan in slowing Russell down.

"[We] really tried to press up on him, make him drive it. We sat back, sat down too much, and he's going to make those no matter where he is on those. We did try to trap him out of the timeouts a lot when we got the right matchups on him and we turned him over twice out of timeouts for layups, which was huge," said Nurse of defending Russell, who had 22 points.

Russell expressed his excitement over his Wolves debut despite the loss.

"It was great. Super excited about this group. We know what Karl[-Anthony Towns] does and what he brings to the table. Just the group in general and coaching staff. I'm looking forward to this challenge to figure out what we can do to get better every day."

Mavs To Sign Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Release Ryan Broekhoff

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has agreed to sign with the Dallas Mavericks, league sources told Tim MacMahon and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Kidd-Gilchrist, who was recently bought out by the Hornets, averaged 4 points in 12 games this season.

The Mavs released Ryan Broekhoff to make room for Kidd-Gilchrist.

James Dolan Didn’t Consider Hiring Rich Kleiman To Run Knicks

James Dolan didn't consider hiring Rich Kleiman as president of the New York Knicks.

Sources say Dolan feared fans of the Knicks still blame Kleiman for Kevin Durant signing with the Brooklyn Nets instead of the Knicks.

Kleiman is known to be a lifelong fan of the Knicks.

The Knicks will instead hire Leon Rose, who has been an agent for more than 20 years and has had dozens of clients compared to Kleiman's unique partnership with Durant. Durant can't become a free agent until 2022.

Leon Rose Expected To Consider Tom Thibodeau, Jeff Van Gundy For Knicks’ Coach

Tom Thibodeau and Jeff Van Gundy are two head coaching candidates Leon Rose is expected to consider hire when he becomes president of the New York Knicks.

Thibodeau and Van Gundy have not been candidates during the Knicks' most recent coaching searches. James Dolan is believed to hold a grudge against Van Gundy following the way he quit during the 01-02 season.

Thibodeau is a CAA client and has worked with Rose.

Van Gundy and Rose are believed to be a mutual admiration.

"If Leon ever hired Jeff, the fans would love him,'' one insider said.

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