I visited the 2020 Calabasas Helicopter Crash at Bark Park Trail in Calabasas on the Sunday one year later after the Helicopter Crash on January 26, 2020 in the morning when the helicopter crashed. The 9 individuals who lost their lives that day:

Ara Zobayan
Alyssa Altobelli
John Altobelli
Keri Altobelli
Christina Mauser
Gianna Bryant
Kobe Bryant
Sarah Chester
Payton Chester

A lot of credit goes to Forrest Haggerty who originally made a video on this and I took some knowledge from him. I documented the journey on where to start, which is at Calabasas Bark Park where there is free parking. From there on, I climbed the trail to the actual crash site where you can still see the crater the Helicopter made when it impacted coming down at 185 mph. It is a decently long hike to get there. There are still remnants of the helicopter and the surrounding area changed due to the crash impact and the fires. It was absolutely amazing to see other Kobe/Laker fans coming up to the trail to pay respects to what happened that day. There is a memorial earlier on the trail leading up to the crash site but that is not the crash site, though I respect the people for setting up an amazing memorial.

Later on, I talk about how much Kobe meant to me. He is a father figure to me and I would not be the person I am today without him. A lot of inspiration to start my channel about self improvement actually came from Kobe who inspired me to work hard, stay dedicated to my craft, pay attention to detail, be passionate about what I’m doing, learning what confidence is, etc. Kobe was a perfect example of a high value man with self respect. He is a big reason why I started playing basketball and he will always be my favorite player.

I’m jthewei and this channel is about self improvement and being the best version of yourself through storytelling, examples, etc. I will not lie to you on this channel to make yourself feel better but will actually guide you to truly improve you. I will occasionally upload vlogs about my life too.

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