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Tiger Woods went from 3 under on the week to 4 over within a half-hour window Sunday morning after carding a 10 on the par-3 12th hole in the final round of the 2020 Masters. Woods, the reigning Masters champion, found the water on three separate occasions — off the tee, from the drop zone and finally from the bunker — to post a septuple bogey, the worst score at a single hole in his professional career.

As such, Woods’ 10 at Rae’s Creek is clearly the highest score he’s ever logged on a hole at the Masters. Considering he’s been playing Augusta National for 25 years, that’s quite something. His previous high career hole came at the Memorial Tournament when he carded a 9 on a par 4 … in 1997.

“I committed to the wrong wind. The wind was off the right for the first two guys, and when I stepped up there, it was howling off the left. I didn’t commit to the wind. I also got ahead of it and pushed it too because I thought it was coming off the left,” Woods said after the round. 

“From there, I hit a lot more shots, a lot more experiences in Rae’s Creek,” he added with a sheepish smile. “This is unlike any other sport. You’re all alone out there, no one is going to pull you out, no one is going to get you off the bump. You’ve got to figure it out, and I did.”  

Others have posted septuple bogeys at 12 before Woods, and the highest-score at the Golden Bell hole is actually 13, achieved by Tom Weiskopf in 1980. That will not help Tiger sleep any better Sunday night.

Woods was already well outside of contention before the 12th hole implosion, as he was a dozen strokes off Dustin Johnson’s lead. But dropping from comfortably inside the red to squarely in the green, particularly in the final round after what has been on the whole a fine showing for Woods, makes what happened at No. 12 all the more difficult to swallow for the five-time Masters champion.