Many MLB fans are really not thrilled.
Naturally, when the news of the punishment dropped, Twitter had things to say. Here are some of the best reactions:
Some people are not happy with how light the punishment is, or with the job commissioner Rob Manfred is doing.
After much anticipation, Major League Baseball’s investigation of the Boston Red Sox 2018 alleged sign-stealing has concluded and punishments have been handed down. The Red Sox have been stripped of their second-round draft pick in 2020 and replay operator J.T. Watkins is banned through the 2020 playoffs and is not allowed to perform replay duties during the 2021 season. 
The 2020 MLB season has yet to start due to the coronavirus pandemic, and there is no way of telling when sports could resume. Rumors of holding games in a central location have been swirling, but no decision has been made yet.  A live look at the Red Sox and Cora once he’s allowed back: Sox fans are already counting down the days. The Red Sox released the following statement: Former Red Sox manager Alex Cora is banned from MLB until the end of the 2020 postseason, but that punishment is in regards to his involvement in the Houston Astros scandal. Red Sox fans are just glad they can move on, and look at this punishment as exoneration. Boston’s punishment is significantly less severe than the one the Astros received for their sign-stealing scheme, and some believe the Red Sox should have received harsher penalties . Mookie and Cora back in 2021? Who says no? “We’re onto 2021.” – Everyone in Boston