Knowing tons of random baseball factoids shouldn’t be totally useless. Since there are not any daily trivia questions on broadcasts at the moment, and Jeopardy! doesn’t have quite enough sports categories, here’s a chance to compete against yourself and your seamhead friends.If the quiz is not loading, you can also find it here.(Note: Cheating is frowned upon. Please do not consult Google or have a friend use a search engine to look up the answers and then relay them to you through a series of bangs or buzzes. Thanks.)We’re here to help you, the baseball fan, digest some sports-related entertainment in a world currently short on it. And we’re going to do it in the form of the humble multiple-choice quiz. Below you’ll find 20 questions about Opening Day on what would’ve been the first day of the 2020 season.The bad news, strictly through the lens of sport, is that they might not play ball for a while longer. The better news is that there are enough baseball stats and facts that you could push every other piece of information out of your brain and not even have learned everything about the 1996 season (did you know then-Montreal Expo Mark Grudzielanek made his one and only All-Star appearance that season? Wild!).We present the CBS Sports MLB Opening Day quiz. Good luck! Thursday was supposed to be Opening Day, one of the most enlivening and optimistic days on the sports calendar. Major League Baseball, like pretty much every sports league on the globe, is figuring out when and how it will resume play as countries try to contain the spread of the coronavirus. It remains to be seen just how long we’ll have to wait for our next pitch, bat flip, walk-off or statistical oddity.