Mike Malone criticized the Denver Nuggets’ mentality following their 132-103 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

“We were soft tonight from beginning to end. They didn’t feel us on either end. They got whatever they wanted. We couldn’t run offense because they took us out of our stuff, and we just allowed them to do it for 48 minutes. They’re a good team, but I’m just very disappointed in our competitive spirit and our effort,” said Malone after the game.

Malone added that his team never responded to the intensity of the game.

“We came into this game thinking it was just going to be a standard NBA game. They approached this game like something was on the line, and you could tell a difference from the jump ball all the way until the final buzzer.”

Will Barton reportedly gave a five minute speech after the game, telling his teammates how the league considers them to be soft.

“They think if they get into us, they can disorient anything we do. They did that tonight. Our offense was stagnant from [the start]. They weren’t feeling us on defense. I think going forward, these teams we’ve got to beat to be elite. If we talk about [a] championship, we can throw it out the window if we ain’t going to show up in [these] games,” said Monte Morris.