We’re upping the difficulty level this year by avoiding fashionable picks, save for an instance or two where there was no other option. Otherwise, we tried picking under-the-radar players who were likely to 1) spend ample time on the 26-man roster and 2) outperform expectations. Obviously this is a subjective exercise — and one that tends to skew young and reliever, since there’s more opportunity there —  so bear that in mind as you scroll through the picks. With the regular season a month away, it’s time to partake in the fool’s errands of spring. That includes picking a breakout player for every team. We had a so-so batting average in 2019, hitting on nine or 10 of our 30 picks, depending on the ruling judge. We did have a good ISO, however, as our selections included Ketel Marte, DJ LeMahieu, and Max Kepler. (To be clear, we’re not suggesting we anticipated them playing quite as well as they did last season.)

2020 Breakout Candidates