Doc Rivers addressed how injuries have shaped the Los Angeles Clippers’ season, forcing him to use 28 different starting lineups.

Their win against the Grizzlies on Monday night represented only the fifth time this season that the Clippers had their entire roster available.

“That has been the hand we’ve been dealt. And we have to play that hand and we can play that hand and still win it,” said Rivers before the Grizzlies game.

Rivers reasoned that the Clippers could still win the title despite their injuries, using the Warriors as an example. 

“I don’t think we are a flip-the-switch team. I would say anyone who says that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Because flip-the-switch teams are teams that have been healthy all year and just have chosen not to play. But when you are out of sorts with different lineups, that’s different. I would say it is dangerous [to do that] but teams have done it. Golden State, by the way, did it a couple of times and won titles. You can do both.”