The Utah Jazz attempted to guard Russell Westbrook with Rudy Gobert during a 120-110 loss to the Houston Rockets.

Westbrook finished the game with 34 points, pulling the Rockets even with the Jazz for fourth place in the Western Conference standings.

“I get what I want, get whatever I want. Get to the basket and shoot, drive and kick, pace and speed. It’s something you can’t scout for. You can scout moves, you can scout for all that, but speed you can’t scout for. And that’s what I’ve got to my advantage,” said Westbrook after the game.

Westbrook, who is shooting 40.9% on midrange jumpers this season, went 7-of-13 in the game. 

Gobert said that he would do the strategy over again despite Westbrook’s success. 

“I think I would do it again. Having Russ being guarded by one of our guards is a mismatch. When I’m guarding him, at least he doesn’t get to the rim. He’s going to miss shots, he’s going to make shots, but at least he doesn’t break us down and bring the double team and find his teammates. We make him work. That’s pretty much it. We make him work, and he’s able to make those shots sometimes, and sometimes he’s not. We’ve got to live with that and do what we do,” said Gobert.