Kawhi Leonard said it’s time for the Los Angeles Clippers to put together a winning run following their 112-103 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

The Clippers are on a three-game losing streak.

“The time is now. Just got to keep getting better. But it doesn’t matter what seed you are. Just got to keep fighting. It is about the right team peaking at the right time. I don’t think we have even got there yet. It feels like we are getting close, but we just need guys to get healthy,” said Leonard.

The Clippers were without Paul George and Patrick Beverley, and used their 28th different starting lineup of the season.

Doc Rivers added that it was difficult for his team to find a rhythm due to the injuries.

“We didn’t have rhythm before, so when you’re bringing in new guys with other guys who probably don’t have great continuity, as well, [there’s no rhythm],” said Rivers.