Vivek Ranadive has expressed frustration with the state of the Sacramento Kings in a number of ways.

Ranadive has shared his frustration with both the front office and coaching decision including in private conversations with business associates and in text messages during a season-long group chat with Vlade Divac, Luke Walton, Peja Stojakovic and Matina Kolokotronis. The complaints are focused on the Kings’ underachievement and the parts each have played in it.

Ranadive has increased his interest in learning about the Kings’ scouting process and has also sought more insight about their network with the belief it is a reaction to why Luka Doncic wasn’t selected in 2018.

Ranadive declined a request to be interviewed for this story.

Sources say there is no indication that a change to the front office or coaching staff will be made in the near future, but tension has undoubtedly returned to the franchise.

“We share our fans’ frustrations with how the season has unfolded and are working hard to improve,” the Kings said in a statement to The Athletic that was in response to the request. “We remain confident in Vlade’s leadership in building the winning team that our fans and city deserve.”