The Toronto Raptors won their 15th straight game after their 137-126 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The win spoiled D’Angelo Russell’s Wolves debut.

“I think we’re getting everybody’s A-plus game. They were really good, I thought, for a lot of stretches. We just had to try to figure some things out,” said Nick Nurse after the game. 

Nurse discussed his gameplan in slowing Russell down. 

“[We] really tried to press up on him, make him drive it. We sat back, sat down too much, and he’s going to make those no matter where he is on those. We did try to trap him out of the timeouts a lot when we got the right matchups on him and we turned him over twice out of timeouts for layups, which was huge,” said Nurse of defending Russell, who had 22 points.

Russell expressed his excitement over his Wolves debut despite the loss. 

“It was great. Super excited about this group. We know what Karl[-Anthony Towns] does and what he brings to the table. Just the group in general and coaching staff. I’m looking forward to this challenge to figure out what we can do to get better every day.”