Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel says that “ComebackSZN” is still alive, and that he’s working to return to the football field in the near future. 

While there hasn’t been much NFL interest around Manziel, the new XFL league is set to kick off this Saturday. Manziel previously expressed interest in playing in the XFL, but appeared to backtrack fairly publicly on Twitter Friday night

“ComebackSZN still alive if y’all ain’t know,” Manziel wrote. “Just not playing for another league that’s going to fold on you midway through the season.” 

Manziel is of course referring to the Alliance of American Football, which shut down last April due to bankruptcy. The league only lasted for a couple months, and it was actually where Manziel played last. In two games for the Memphis Express, he passed for 61 yards and one interception.

It’s not entirely clear if the XFL would have interest in Manziel, but former Dallas Cowboys star Daryl Johnston, who now serves as director of player personnel for the upstart Dallas Renegades, told the Dallas Morning News in August that he wouldn’t even consider signing Manziel ahead of the 2020 season.

“I passed on him in San Antonio, and I’d pass on him again here,” Johnston said, referencing his stint as a general manager in the AAF. “For me, the chemistry in the locker room is critical, and especially (at) the quarterback position. He kind of sets the tone, especially for the offensive side of the ball, but really for the whole team. There is so much added responsibility that goes with the face, goes with the voice of the franchise. And I haven’t seen that from Johnny on a consistent basis that I would feel comfortable committing to him.”

The former first-round pick played in 14 total games for the Cleveland Browns from 2014 to 2015. He completed 57 percent of his passes for 1,675 combined yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. Manziel also had a stint in the CFL back in 2018, where he played in eight games for the Montreal Alouettes. 

While Manziel doesn’t have faith in the XFL, his tune may change if the league can stay afloat and prove they can hold the world’s interest.