Dak Prescott wants to remain with the Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Cowboys aren’t going to move on from Dak Prescott. Those two things — particularly the latter — will see the fifth-year quarterback either franchise tagged in 2020 or finally signed to what will inevitably be a leviathan contract extension, the latter being something the team has been attempting to do for the better part of a calendar year now.

Having neared an agreement on terms at the outset of the 2019 season, Prescott instead opted to hit the pause button after seeing the market play to his favor following deals for Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, betting big on himself with the addition of Jon Kitna as quarterbacks coach and Kellen Moore’s promotion to offensive coordinator. And although the Cowboys finished 8-8 and out of the playoffs, it (mostly) wasn’t because of Prescott, who had a banner year with career numbers across the board.

He now enters an offseason that could see several quarterbacks land massive contracts, and logic dictates he’ll be one of them.

“I’ll just say I’m confident that something will get done,” Prescott told Will Brinson at the end of Wednesday’s Pick Six Podcast. “I’ve got all the confidence in my agents and my team, and I’ve got confidence in the Dallas Cowboys that something will get done, something good for both of us.”

In addition to Prescott, Brinson was joined by Brady Quinn, Bryant McFadden and Scott Pioli on Wednesday to break down the Super Bowl matchup. Give it a listen below, and be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform:

For Prescott, there’s nowhere he’d rather be than in Dallas.

“Obviously being the Cowboys quarterback is second-to-none,” the two-time Pro Bowler told NFL.com. “There are very few positions in all of sports that are comparable to it. So when you put that in perspective, my mindset is to be in Dallas. And I’ve got the confidence in my team to get something done and the confidence in the Cowboys that we’ll be able to.”

With players like reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes, six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady, a record-setting Super Bowl champ in Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill, Philip Rivers and Jameis Winston all likely get paid alongside Prescott, it’s difficult to predict what the new value framing will be for the Cowboys quarterback, but he does know it’ll work in his favor  — his bet in 2019 set to pay off big, to say the least, in 2020. 

“It is gonna be wild,” Prescott said.

That’s saying the least.

The 26-year-old is entering the most interesting time in the life of his football career, at any level. Not only is he currently negotiating a deal that will change everything for him financially, but he’s also going forward without Jason Garrett, the longtime Cowboys head coach now gone and taking up residence as offensive coordinator of the rival New York Giants. In comes former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, and with nearly an entirely new cast of experienced, proven coaches in tow.

Holdovers from the Garrett regime are minuscule, but Moore not only got the nod, he’ll also remain the play-caller going forward — keeping continuity in place for Prescott and an offense that went from one of the worst in the league to first in a span of only one season. Prescott notes he was “obviously” on board with the decision to keep Moore — who also turned down the opportunity to be offensive coordinator for the University of Washington to remain in Dallas — the two having formed a longstanding bond that’s helped Prescott progress into the player he is today.

And now that McCarthy and his crew are all in place, Prescott is raring to go, and especially considering what his new coach achieved prior to becoming his current one.

“I’ve never been part of a [head coaching] change at any level,” he said. “I didn’t really know what to expect. So once the change was made it was more like, ‘OK, let’s do it.’ He’s won a Super Bowl. …

“He’s a good coach. Just check his resume. He’s got a Super Bowl. When a guy has that and he comes into the locker room to lead, people want to follow. 

“We want to follow him because he has something and he knows how to get something that we want. With that being said, I’m excited he kept Kellen Moore on and excited for the other guys that coming on and part of the change.”

McCarthy couldn’t be more clear on how all-in he is regarding Prescott, and the Cowboys aren’t about to change head coaches and franchise quarterbacks in rapid succession. 

Prescott has proven he deserves to be secured for the foreseeable future, and he has more than enough leverage to ensure the looming payday is finally to his liking. He boasts several NFL records along 15,778 yards passing, a 40-24 regular season record, and 97 passing touchdowns to only 36 interceptions. He’s also never missed single start, which is much more impressive when you factor in the eight-sack torture chamber he endured in 2017 against the Atlanta Falcons

Even the usual “good cop, bad cop” media routine the Cowboys employ during big-ticket negotiations has been nonexistent as owner Jerry Jones and team exec Stephen Jones harp on the “urgency” they have to get the deal done, and neither want to use the franchise tag. And, with that, it’s all really just a matter of time before Prescott cashes in. Moore noted the Cowboys offense has “barely touched the surface,” and all they need to keep the good times rolling is for Prescott’s pen to touch the surface of his new contract.

It’s never been about “if”, but rather “when” and for “how much,” because the Cowboys are ready to make it rain on Rayne.