NFL analyst Ron Jaworski joined CBS Sports HQ’s Danny Kanell at the PGA Merchandise Show to discuss his golf business and why the event is the perfect spot for anyone interested in golf. Finding a sport to get into after his NFL career ended was easy for Jaworski, as golf was something he had been passionate about and interested in for a long time. 

Jaworski has been investing in the sport for 40 years, and for the last 20 years he has run a series of golf courses. He has a total of seven courses, in both New Jersey and Philadelphia, and his wife and son help him run the businesses. 

He had high praise for the golf show and said unless he is called for a broadcasting gig, he is always in attendance.

“This is a show of shows,” Jaworski said. “Everyone is here.”

When looking ahead to what the future of golf, he said the show does a great job of presenting all that is new with the sport.

“If you wanna see the technology changes and everything that’s happening in the golf industry you have to be here,” Jaworski said.

He said his team does a lot of business while at event and that they also learn skills that help their company.

“You learn so much about the future, about technology,” Jaworski said. 

One unique element of the PGA Merchandise Show that stuck out to him was the information available at seminars.

“[You] go to the seminars and you learn best practices and what people are doing well so you can stay ahead of the learning curve and the changes that are being made in the vision of golf,” he said. 

Jaworski summed it all up by saying, “It’s a phenomenal show for anyone in the golf business.”