“What a great experience. Terrifying, but fun,” Zimmerman said. “Glad I did it, I’ll never do it again.”
ZImmerman faced some shots during practice, including several one-timers from Capitals star Alex Ovechkin. While it’s certainly not his first sport, Zimmerman held his own and even flashed some leather a few times while Ovechkin was getting his work in. Prior to practice getting underway, Zimmerman claimed that he was “terrified to death,” and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After all, getting in front of slap shots from NHL players can’t exactly be the most calming feeling in the world.
Following the team’s practice, Zimmerman spoke to the Capitals Twitter account about his experience and certainly seemed to enjoy himself. However, based on the videos that made their way around social media, Zimmerman handled himself just fine and his baseball glove work probably helped him out a great deal.
Zimmerman also was able to stop a blue-line slap shot from Ovechkin to end practice. The first baseman flashed his glove hand and earned the respect of many of Washington’s players, who all slapped their sticks on the ice following the save.
Veteran first baseman Ryan Zimmerman got a chance to try out a new sport. On Wednesday, the free agent slugger, who just helped the Washington Nationals win the World Series, was invited to the Washington Capitals practice session where he suited up as a goalie.