With the Seattle Seahawks now eliminated from the playoffs, Russell Wilson took some time this week to look back on the season that was, and apparently, 2019 didn’t quite live up to his expectations. 

The Seahawks quarterback, who nearly engineered a miraculous comeback during Seattle’s 28-23 divisional round playoff loss to the Packers on Sunday, met with the media on Monday for his exit interview and of course, the first topic of conversation was how Wilson felt about how the season went. However, before Wilson could get any thoughts out, he had to leave his own press conference, because he got chosen to take one of the NFL‘s random drug tests. 

If you’re surprised to hear that Wilson got hit with a random drug test, you’re not the only one, Wilson was also surprised. 

Once he got that taken care of, Wilson was finally able to give his thoughts on Seattle’s 2019 season. 

“I think this season, a lot of people think that we overachieved; I think we underachieved,” Wilson said, via the team’s official website. 

The Seahawks quarterback is often accused of being a robot in interviews, so it was fascinating to hear him give such an honest assessment of his team. Even though the Seahawks weren’t really viewed as a Super Bowl contender this year, Wilson expects to win the Lombardi Trophy every year, which is why he feels that the team underachieved. 

“In my opinion [we underachieved], because I think that the goal should always be winning the Super Bowl,” Wilson said. “That’s got to be our standard. That’s got to be our focus.”

Only one of our eight experts had Seattle making it to the Super Bowl, so there aren’t many people who would view the 2019 Seahawks as underachievers, but Wilson is apparently his own harshest critic. Over the course of Wilson’s eight-year career, the standard has been set so high that anything but a Super Bowl is viewed as a failure to the quarterback. 

“I think the reality is we’ve been very, very good for the past, in reality, the past eight years or so,” Wilson said. “I think to go to the playoffs in seven in eight (years) and do all those things, those are special, special things. To go to two Super Bowls, to win one. We’ve got to capture that throughout the whole entire season going into next year. We’ve got to find ways to get better. We’ve got to find ways to get past just the first or second round of playoffs and get to the final push. That’s the reality. I know that’s why I play the game. I know that’s why a lot of guys in this locker room try to play for that and everything else. So we’ve got to get better and we will try to do everything we can to figure that out.”

Although Wilson would have liked to win the Lombardi Trophy, he was still proud of his team, which finished earned the fifth overall seed in the NFC playoffs after finishing second place behind the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West.

“It was a really good season. Would I say it was a great season? No,” Wilson said. “I would say it was a really good one. We got a lot more to do and a lot more things we want to focus on.”

One thing the Seahawks will likely need to focus on is giving Wilson more control of the offense. The Seahawks love to establish the run, which has been an issue, because most of the time, that’s come at the expense of letting Wilson make plays. In their past three divisional playoff losses, the Seahawks issue has been that their offense gets off to such a slow start that the team digs itself into a hole that there’s no way out of. 

Against the Packers, the Seahawks fell behind 28-10, before losing by five. In a 2016 loss to the Falcons, the Seahawks trailed 36-13 at one point. In a 2015 loss to the Panthers, the team trailed 31-0 at one point. 

The slow starts happen so often that it’s now become a running joke on Twitter. 

If the Seahawks want to overachieve next season, one of the first things they’re going to have to do is figure out how to avoid those slow starts going forward. Taking advantage of Wilson’s talents would seem like the obvious way to do that, but the Seahawks seem to think that establishing the run is the solution to their problem.