Samson concludes by saying, “Alex, I’m sorry you’re taking the fall, but you know very well exactly what you did.”
“Now you’re getting what’s coming to you John [Henry, Red Sox owner],” Samson begins by saying.
On Monday, Major League Baseball announced a list of punishments for the Houston Astros after the findings of their investigation over the team’s sign stealing allegations. Manager A.J. Hinch was suspended for one year and then fired by the team, as was GM Jeff Luhnow. The team has to forfeit their first and second round draft picks for the next two years, they were fined million and former assistant GM Brandon Taubman has been suspended for a year. 
Samson also says this is the perfect opportunity to give new Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom a fresh start. “That’s the best chance to move forward,” he says. Samson reminds Henry of the importance of not waiting too long before you take action.  He said:
Acknowledging the situation, rather than waiting for a suspension, is what Samson says is the best move to make. 

Now that MLB has placed their punishments on the Astros, attentions have turned to Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox. He was with the Astros in 2017 as a coach and with the Red Sox in 2018 as a manager, winning the World Series both years. In reports of the scandal, Cora was labeled as the ringleader of the sign-stealing operations. 

Whether or not more teams were also stealing signs is out of the conversation as far as the podcast host is concerned and he knows Cora’s fate is coming. 
He then gave advice to Henry and drew out a road map for the next steps. Number one, he says fire Cora. 
David Samson sat down on his podcast “Nothing Personal with David Samson” to discuss what is next for Cora and the Red Sox and what he believes the team should do.
“Because you know the rules John [Henry], get ahead of a story, don’t play catch-up be proactive not reactive … You know very well that it wasn’t just the Astros who were violating the rules, it was the Red Sox.”