The drug possession charges in New Hampshire against New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung have been conditionally dismissed, Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois announced in a statement released on Monday. 

According to the release, Chung’s criminal charges will be released under the following conditions: 

  • Chung must remain of good behavior for two years and not commit any crimes (felony or misdemeanor) or major motor vehicle offenses. 
  • Will be subject to drug tests once a month for the first year, and every 90 days after that for the balance of the two-year period. Chung has agreed to provide the State with copies of the results and will sign a waiver for the State to directly communicate with the laboratory to confirm the results. 
  • Chung must perform 40 hours of community service that will be connected to drug abuse prevention and education. That will be completed within the the next 18 months and at least 20 hours of that community service will be done in New Hampshire. 
  • If he fails to comply with any of these requirements, the State has the right to reinstate the charges in this case and prosecute him at that time. 

Livernois explains in the statement that the reason the State is allowing this conditional dismissal is due to Chung having no prior criminal record and no prior involvement with the criminal justice system. He also cooperated fully with police on the night of the incident, the amount of drugs that were allegedly in Chung’s possession/control was small and, finally, he provided proof that he has voluntarily undergone a full substance abuse evaluation and that evaluation indicated that he does not need treatment. 

Chung was charged with possession of cocaine last summer at his home in Meredith, New Hampshire. The 32-year-old was indicted by a grand jury, but pleaded not guilty

While Chung has settled his legal issues with the state of New Hampshire, it will be curious to see if the NFL comes down with any punishment from him. The veteran safety, who is signed with the Patriots through the 2021 season, battled through a number of injuries this season. He played in 13 regular season games and totaled 51 tackles and three passes defended.