A press conference held by Texans coach Bill O’Brien on Friday got off to a slightly awkward start, and that’s because he decided to spend the first few minutes apologizing after an embarrassing video surfaced that showed him cussing out a fan during a regular season game this year. 

In a video obtained by TMZ, the Texans coach absolutely goes ballistic on a heckler in a confrontation that took place during Houston’s 38-24 loss to Denver back in Week 14. As the Texans were headed to the locker room at halftime — in a game where they were trailing 31-3 — a fan loudly yelled “You suck” at the team, and that heckling appeared to set O’Brien off. 

The Texans coach responded by cussing out the fan. 

“You suck too!” O’Brien screamed. “Hey, you suck too, motherf—-r. You suck too, f— you.”

Before things could get any worse, O’Brien was led away by Deandre Hopkins and at least one Texans employee. O’Brien told the media on Friday that he had just found out about the video’s existence. 

“I was made aware of a video that’s out there, and at halftime of the Denver game, coming off the field, I used inappropriate language and I just want to apologize for that,” O’Brien said. “I apologize for it. Like I said, just inappropriate comments. I’m sorry that it happened.”

The video isn’t a good look for O’Brien, and it’s not a great look for the organization that O’Brien only appears to be apologizing because his actions got caught on video. Based on the harsh words he used, the apology likely would have meant more if it was made in the hours or days after the game, instead, it’s now a distraction that the Texans have to deal with as they get ready to play in the divisional round of the playoffs for just the fourth time in franchise history. 

If the Texans can win in Kansas City on Sunday, it would mark the first time in franchise history that they’ve been able to advance to the AFC Championship. The game between the Texans and Chiefs will be kicking off from Arrowhead Stadium Sunday at 3:05 p.m. ET and will be televised on CBS.