After the Minnesota Vikings underdog overtime win against the New Orleans Saints, someone in the locker room asked Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph for his gloves to auction them off for charity. Rudolph handed over the gloves he was wearing while he caught the game-winning touchdown pass to put the Vikings up 26-20 and end OT, and even signed them, but the gloves ended up in a much different place.

The person who asked for the gloves at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, who he did not recognize as a local Vikings reporter, instead put the gloves up for sale on eBay rather than giving them to charity. They were sold for $375.50. 

After the story hit social media, the fan who bought the gloves reached out to Rudolph to make right of the whole situation. Thanks to Twitter, they were able to have an exchange about the entire thing.

Jason King, a Vikings fan, told Rudolph that he wanted to give the gloves back to the charity of No. 82’s choosing. 

The divisional round-bound tight end thanked the fan and chose to use the gloves to benefit University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. Rudolph has worked closely with the hospital in the past and in lieu of this incident is using the story to encourage people to give to this cause. 

Many have reached out to the hospital after hearing this story to see how they can help. The hospital said they were “overwhelmed” by the generosity following the story hitting Twitter. 

Rudolph was thankful this fan was willing to give back the signed gloves and said he would make sure to send him some gloves from this weekend’s game against the San Francisco 49ers

The TE said, “Hey Jason, really cool of you to do this! @UMNChildrens will greatly appreciate it and I will make sure to get you my pair from this weekends game!”

King wanted to make sure this unfortunate situation around and thanked Rudolph for his generosity and wrote, “Thanks Kyle hopefully I can help turn this into a good situation and help raise some money for the children’s hospital.”

The No. 6 seed Vikings look to pull off another shocking road playoff win when they face the No. 1 seed Niners on Saturday at Levi’s Stadium.