According to the lawsuit, he was suing “for the interference and lost years.”
He wanted million from the team, according to, and believed the Yankees prevented him from excelling and making the major leagues, therefore not allowing him to make the money from MLB contracts he felt he deserved.
The numbers were not exactly the same for these two players. In the minors, Lassiter never made it past High-A ball and hit .244/.326/.302 at points of his five seasons. 
Lassiter’s other major claim was that the team had conspired against him with aims to “protect the career of Derek Jeter” calling it “obvious” that Jeter had control over the entire organization.
Once the Yankees lawsuit was dismissed, he filed a lawsuit against the Cincinnati Reds on December 30. Lassiter says he now has to sleep in his car and has spent the 5,000 signing bonus from the Yankees in 2008.  A former New York Yankees prospect, who never went anywhere with the team, filed a lawsuit claiming Derek Jeter is one of the reasons he never made the team or went on to play in the MLB. Garrison Lassiter’s minor league career ended in 2011, but in December of 2018 he made the claims against the team in the lawsuit. 
Exhibits A and B presented by Lassiter were “COREY SEAGER STATISTICAL HISTORY” and “GARRISON LASSITER STATISTICAL HISTORY” respectively. 
The case was, unsurprisingly, dismissed in May. Chief District Judge Thomas D. Schroeder said, “Lacking any federal question raised in the complaint and having already determined that diversity jurisdiction does not exist, the court is unable to further adjudicate Lassiter’s claims.” 
Seager hit .307/.368/.523, made it to Triple-A by the time he was 21 and got his first appearance with the Dodgers in that same season. 
The 30-year-old, who put himself through law school, represented himself in the case and compared himself to Los Angeles Dodgers star Corey Seager as one of his main pieces of evidence.