New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a six-time Super Bowl champion and one of the greatest to do it, but he is also 42 years old and entering the offseason with more question marks than ever. The Patriots getting eliminated by the Tennessee Titans in the wild-card round was not just uncharacteristic, but catalyzed the conversation of the veteran QB’s unknown future. 

On his podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” David Samson discusses what he thinks will happen with TB12 and takes a closer look at Brady’s latest Instagram post that echoes that he still has “more to prove” and you can find him right back with football next season. 

“Tom Brady saying he has more to prove is like Einstein saying you know what, Just solving gravity? Ehh that’s sort of like a Wednesday, I got a lot more to do,” Samson jokes, questioning what more he needs to prove to the football world.

The podcast host does not believe Brady will get a seventh ring with New England because “the team isn’t good enough” and “his body isn’t good enough at 42.”

This doesn’t mean he thinks the beloved Boston athlete will go, and says the Patriots are not just going to let “that icon” go, even though Samson would send him packing before he ever overpaid.

Samson called Brady leaving “completely out of the question” and said the rumors of him going to the Los Angeles Chargers or the New York Giants are “so laughable.”

If Samson was in the position Patriots owner Robert Kraft was in he would not sit there and be willing to overpay for the player turning 43 this offseason. 

“If I’m Robert Kraft I stand pat, pun completely intended … don’t overpay,” he said.

He wants Kraft to focus on what coach Bill Belichick said after the loss, that Brady is a great player but the organization is filled with a lot of other great players and people.

Brady is clearly having none of retirement, as he said it his latest Instagram post, so the ball has been handed off to the Belichick-Kraft duo to see how they can accommodate, or not accommodate, the QB that has been with them for two decades.

“If I’m the Patriots I’m letting Brady go,” Samson concluded with.