A 94-foot putt on the PGA Tour? Never happens. So to expect it to happen on the smooth hardwood surface of a college basketball court seems preposterous. And yet, one fan at the Baylor-Texas game on Saturday evening sank this 94-footer for $5,000.

My first thought was actually, Shouldn’t he be getting more than $5,000 for doing that? You could give every fan in the building 10 runs at it, and maybe one or two of them would go in. Seems like whoever is insuring that thing is coming out well in the black.

His reaction was amazing, too. That’s what all of us think we would do if we hit that putt. But that’s a weird experience being out there in front of thousands of people, all of whom want you to lose your mind. Also, how about the break he played on the court? Sending it way out to the right and letting it funnel back to the left edge of the cup and curl in? Veteran read right there.

And $5,000 that was more than deserved.