Did you remember to wish all your friends a happy Thanksgiving today? No? Is that because it’s January 2 and Thanksgiving is nearly eleven months away/more than a month in the rearview mirror? Well, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder wished everyone a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ at the team’s press conference to introduce new head coach Ron Rivera. Again, on January 2. 

No worries if you are confused, we all were.

Now the main storyline of the day coming out of Washington was meant to be the former Carolina Panthers head coach getting his official welcome to the team, but now all anyone can talk about is how Snyder wished everyone a happy holiday that happened months ago.

Rivera laughed as Snyder said, “Happy Thanksgiving” and I imagine the feeling in the room was one of confusion.

When I watched the clip I thought I was missing out on something or there was an inside joke I was unaware of. Then I thought, maybe time travel is real and Snyder went back in time to November and now doesn’t know where he is.

But, after further investigation, I have concluded that is it is just an unfortunate mistake that sadly for Snyder will forever be linked to his name and live on the Twitterverse for eternity.

Now we’ve all been there (to a degree).

Don’t tell me you never accidentally called your teacher “mom” in elementary school or wrote the wrong year shortly after the new year, but usually, mistakes don’t happen in front of a large crowd and even worse, in front of cameras that are uploading these videos right to social media.

Unfortunately for Snyder, it’s 2020 and any slip up that happens in front of the camera is going right on Twitter.

We all know he meant happy new year so on behalf of Snyder, since he wasn’t able to say it, I want to wish everyone a happy new year.

And while I’m at it happy Thanksgiving too.

People took to social media to discuss his well-wishes to everyone. 

“Happy Thanksgiving” is now acceptable all year long.

Some commented on why he might have said it but still, this is an odd thing to say.

The Panthers lost to the Redskins on December 1 and Rivera was fired on December 3.