Jaguars owner Shad Khan has not ruled out making sweeping changes for 2020, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, with the firing of Tom Coughlin possibly a precursor to other moves.

Contrary to some reports, Khan has not made a final decision either way on his coaching staff and front office for the upcoming season, and will not do so until after Week 17 is complete. A report on Saturday that indicated coach Doug Marrone had been informed he’d be dismissed following Sunday’s finale was quickly refuted by a Jaguars spokesman.

Coughlin was let go last week after a damning press release from the NFLPA was issued outlining the team’s myriad grievances and clashes with players under Coughlin’s leadership. At that time Khan issued a press release detailing that Marrone and general manager Dave Caldwell would report to him for the remainder of the regular season.

At this point, Khan could opt to go in either direction. He has been quite loyal to both men, but the results have been lagging since making a run to the AFC Championship Game two years ago. Marrone’s record with Jacksonville stands at 21-28 (36-45 for his career), and he has won just 10 of his last 31 games. Caldwell’s work selecting players in the top 10 picks has been poor, and the team’s free-agent forays have been an issue as well, with the Jags tied to several aging or struggling players with heavy salary commitments.

Khan has been intrigued by the success of the Patriots in the past, and if he does make further firings, he’s expected to explore candidates with ties to New England. There has been a strong sense within the Jaguars facility since midseason that major changes were coming — beyond just Coughlin — with scouts and coaches reaching out to associates around the league trying to line up future jobs.

Last year Khan announced within hours of the regular season ending that Coughlin, Marrone and Caldwell would all be back for 2019. It’s likely he could make up his mind again by Sunday evening, pending the outcome of the final game for a team that has lost six of its last seven games, getting outscored 214-89 in the process and failing to top 20 points in a game since October.