New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell was once again randomly selected by the NFL to complete an HGH blood test, and he is less than thrilled about it. Back in November, after receiving this same notice five times in 10 weeks he said he would no longer be complying with the tests. 

Now we will know for sure if he meant what he said when he informed the NFL via tweet that he will not be doing another test because he was randomly selected once again. 

On Friday, he posted the note from the NFL with the caption, “@NFL I bet I don’t,” suggesting once again that he would not be participating in the mandatory tests.

Refusing to take the test could result in a suspension, and In 2016, a similar situation occurred when he missed multiple tests and was suspended as a result. 

His November tweet read: 

“[I have] had five ‘random’ [Human Growth Hormone] blood test in 10 weeks, NFL, I’m not doing another after today. Whatever y’all looking for — it obviously ain’t there. And I’m not about to keep allowing y’all to stick me with those dirty ass needles. Find the players who really do that H.G.H. b.s. and get off me.” 

Bell told reporters on Friday, “At the end of the day, if we have to cross that bridge when we get there, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I’m saying right now, the way I feel today, when that tweet went out, that’s how I feel.”

The note seen in Bell’s tweet not only said “immediately” but highlighted it as well. No word on if the 27-year-old reported for the tests.

Bell is certainly no stranger to missing games over something he believes in, so a suspension may not scare him enough to force him to take the tests. Back in 2018, he left a lot of money on the table when he sat out the entire season over contract negotiations with the Pittsburgh Steelers