MLB free agent Rich Hill, who spent the last three seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and his wife Caitlin Hill were arrested outside Gillette Stadium on Saturday ahead of the New England Patriots home game against the Buffalo Bills, according to the Boston Globe. Caitlin Hill was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing after reportedly attempting to enter the stadium with a large bag, which is against Gillette Stadium and NFL safety policy, and refusing to leave when instructed to. 
Foxborough, Massachusetts, police said she tried to enter the stadium through other gates after being told her bag was too large to bring into the stadium. At Gillette Stadium, bags can only be wallet size or need to be see-through in order for fans to get it through security and take it into the stadium with them. There is no place to check oversized bags.
Rich Hill, who pitched for the Boston Red Sox from 2010 to 2012, allegedly interfered with police as they were attempting to take his wife into custody. As a result, he was then charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Prosecutors have since said the charges are now civil infractions and the charge of resisting arrest against Rich Hill has been dismissed. The Red Sox are reportedly one of the teams interested in signing Rich Hill for 2020. They couple currently resides in Milton, Massachusetts, where Rich Hill was born and raised. He is set to receive the 2019 Tony Conigliaro Award at the annual Boston Baseball Writers Dinner on Jan. 16 in Boston, an award given to a “major leaguer who has overcome adversity through the attributes of spirit, determination, and courage that were trademarks of Tony C,” according to CBS Boston.