“The smartest people know when their window is closing,” Samson adds, saying the Indians know that the time to make a move is now. 
The Cleveland Indians are looking at possibly trading shortstop Francisco Lindor, with rumors swirling that the Cincinnati Reds are interested in the All-Star. While many are questioning Cleveland’s decision, David Samson defends this situation on his podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson.” 
Cleveland has a decision to make when it comes to Lindor and they say if they are going to trade him it is going to come soon. “I guess they don’t want to work Christmas,” Samson joked. 
He goes over what the Indians would need to pay Lindor and explains that the team winning the AL Central three straight seasons, but not winning the World Series impacts this decision. “They didn’t get a ring. The window is now closed,” Samson said.

Samson says, “The key to success is trading a player year too early rather than a year too late.” He admits often he was not able to do this, pushing a player on his team and hoping to get one more season out of them, so he respects what the Indians are doing with their star shortstop. 

The criticism around what the Indians are doing is present everywhere, but Samson says anyone who is questioning the move does not have a front office executive mind:
“The media people and the fans criticizing the Indians for trading Lindor they don’t know anything about baseball. They are fans of the game who want to be in the front office. They’ll never be in the front office.”
Samson calls out anyone aiming disapproval towards the franchise saying they are basically, confused. “If you’re criticizing Cleveland you’ll never be in a baseball front office because you have no idea what you’re talking about,” he puts it plainly.