Gerrit Cole is now a member of the New York Yankees, and according to a sign he brought to the 2001 World Series he is a “Yankee fan today, tomorrow, forever.” The California native grew up a Yankee fan and even had the sign from the iconic photo present at his official introduction with the New York team, following that record-breaking contract. According to Cole, this is the same sign from 18 years prior, and his parents pulled it out of the closet when he announced he would be wearing pinstripes next season.
Samson says absolutely not. 
He then questioned the legitimacy of this narrative saying, “If that’s all Gerrit Cole wanted, how come after the Astros lost the World Series he did an interview in a Boras hat and not a Yankee hat?”
He begins saying, “I appreciate that you love the Yankees … But is that why you’re a Yankee?”
David Samson is not buying this whole “I heart NY” show that was put on display at the introduction on Tuesday, and discusses his thoughts on the matter on his podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson.” Cole’s agent Scott Boras spoke at the press conference discussing Cole’s relationship with his father, and highlighted that World Series game they shared together, cheering on the Yankees.  “Give me a small break,” Samson says. 
He continued saying, “Why wouldn’t Cole have come out and said, nine years? I don’t need nine years, the minute the Yankees made an offer of 5 [million] over seven [years] I would’ve taken that.”
Samson not only says he does not believe Boras, but calls him out for putting his client in a “position to lie.”
Samson noticed Boras commenting that these memories and love for the team were the contributing, if not main, factor to him signing with the Yankees and that Cole told his agent to get it done because he only wants to be a Yankee. 
“So they tried to play this up that this was a slam dunk that Cole wanted to be a Yankee, that this is the place that he expected to sign,” but the podcast host says it is about money and always was.