Antonio Brown has now been out of football for nearly three months, and if you’re wondering how he’s been passing the time, well, it appears that he’s been spending most of it on Twitter. 

Since being released by the Patriots in September, Brown has sent out hundreds of tweets that range from ripping Ben Roethlisberger (he’s done that twice) to ripping the NFL (only to apologize) to ripping Robert Kraft (only to also apologize for that) to answering questions from his nearly 1.8 million followers. He’s also threatened to retire multiple times. 

This week, Brown’s goal was apparently to start a debate that he has no chance of winning, and he did that by going on to Twitter to claim that he’s the best sixth-round pick of all-time. 

While that’s an interesting opinion, the problem with Brown’s take is that he’s not even the best sixth-rounder to come out of a school in Michigan, and that’s because Tom Brady exists. Although Brown — who was drafted in 2010 out of Central Michigan — is almost certainly one of the top-three sixth-round picks of all-time, there’s almost no one out there who would rank him above Brady, and Brown’s followers let him know it on Twitter. 

Since sending out the tweet, Brown has received more than 1,500 responses with most of them kindly pointing out that Brown is not, in fact, the best sixth-round pick ever. 

Brady was selected with the 199th overall pick during the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, but you definitely don’t need to tell that to Brown, because he already knows. 

Apparently, Brown just thinks he’s better. 

The thing about Brown’s tweet is that you could probably make the argument that he’s not even one of the top-three players to ever be taken in the sixth round. 

Besides Brady, there’s also former Broncos running back Terrell Davis, who went on to the Hall of Fame after being taken with the 196th overall  pick in 1995. If you go further back, there’s also Jack Christiansen, who was inducted to the Hall of Fame after an eight-year career with the Lions (1951-58). Matt Birk could also make a strong case to be on the list of best sixth-rounders ever. The former center for both the Vikings and Ravens played 14 seasons in the league before retiring after Baltimore won the Super Bowl in 2012.