“Josh’s momma is a phenomenal person,” Donaldson’s high school coach Lloyd Skoda told MacLeod. “She was both a mom and a dad to her son. That was one reason why she put Josh with me, to have a good solid figure in his life. Me and Josh would sit around and talk, and it wasn’t just about baseball stuff. We’d talk about life stuff.”
Now Donaldson is paying it forward and gifting his mother a Maserati that has a retail value of around 0,000. It does like a very extravagant purchase, but Donaldson can certainly afford it considering he likely has a huge payday on the horizon. In an interview with Robert MacLeod of The Globe & Mail in 2015, Donaldson explained how French was very stern and wanted to surround him with “as many positive male role models as possible.” Despite being from Pensacola, Florida, Donaldson ended up attending Faith Academy, which was a private Catholic school in Mobile, Alabama.
CBS Sports HQ MLB insider Jim Bowden predicts that Donaldson will get a deal somewhere around three years and million in free agency. Bowden also calls Donaldson as the eighth-best free agent on the market this winter. Donaldson has certainly had a close bond with his mother, Lisa French, after having a fairly difficult upbringing. Donaldson’s father went to prison for 15 years for drug-related and domestic violence charges and had to grow up pretty quickly.
Donaldson posted a video of her excitement to his Instagram account and needless to say, she was in shock. The free agent third baseman had made a deal with her that if she quit smoking, he’d buy her a brand new Maserati, and well, Santa showed up early. Take a look:
Donaldson is drawing significant interest on the open market after spending the 2019 season with the Atlanta Braves. The Washington Nationals are reportedly interested in signing Donaldson to replace Anthony Rendon, who signed with the Los Angeles Angels earlier in the week.
With Christmas just days away, Josh Donaldson delivered on a promise to his mother. Donaldson gifted his mother a Maserati Quattroporte after she quit smoking for the past two years.