Rendon of course is now on the same team as Angels superstar Mike Trout. According to Elias Sports, this is only the second time in league history that a team with a reigning MVP (Trout) will add a player who in the previous season finished top five in MVP voting.
Live look at Astros fans:
Many decided just to take a moment to thank Rendon for his time with Washington.
This meme is sad enough, it did not need the rain too.
Some are just happy to have a little less competition in their division, too. Rendon is saying goodbye to the NL East and hello to the AL West.
Others were overjoyed that he was not headed to the Dodgers.  Angels fans are feeling great about all of this. Twitter was buzzing after the signing, from fans of other teams upset he did not land with them to Nationals fans thanking him for his contribution to the World Series season. Some players chimed in, too. Here are some of the best reactions to the deal: Nationals shortstop Tre Turner did not take the news so well, though. I guess he has to find a new favorite player now. The MLB Winter Meetings are in full swing, and free agents are flying off the market as they land massive deals. On Wednesday night, Anthony Rendon found his landing spot. The 29-year-old third baseman singed a seven-year deal, 5 million contract with the Angels that takes him from the defending World Series champion Washington Nationals. They wished him luck on his California adventure.  Rendon’s contract is the tenth largest in MLB history, tied with now-former teammate Stephen Strasburg. The former sixth overall pick has spent his entire career with the Nationals. Even with the addition of Rendon, not everyone thinks this season will be a success for the Angels. Last season the Angels finished fourth in the American League West with a record of 72-90. For the fifth straight year, they did not qualify for the postseason. They sure have upgraded this offseason, though.  Some fan bases were not so thrilled, like say, Los Angeles Dodgers fans. I mean, he’s going to LA, just not that LA. Bryce Harper is somewhere, likely counting his cash, wondering where his love is. Needless to say, Angels fans are excited. Another former teammate said his sad goodbyes on Twitter. Baby Yoda’s face just about sums it up. This feels like when Spider-Man was saying his last goodbyes to Tony Stark in Endgame (*spoiler alert*), and just like the Avengers, they did win together.