The New England Patriots are in the middle of a scandal once again — granted, this one is not as severe as Spygate. The team has admitted they violated NFL policies when someone associated with the team was present at the Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals game filming the field from the press box. The team says they sent a three-person crew as part of their “Do Your Job” series and getting footage of an advance scout.

According to The Athletic, the video is eight minutes long and focuses on the Bengals sideline the entire time, with a direct view. noted that the footage shows coaches signaling. 

The plot thickens, as the Patriots, fresh off a frustrating loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and visibly struggling as the regular season winds down, are scheduled to play the 1-12 Bengals on Sunday. 

The Patriots are no strangers to being in the spotlight for negative reasons, and have been at the center of many investigations over the years, including a previous incident where spying and cameras were involved.

Naturally, people hit Twitter to share their reactions, takes and a few jokes on the matter. Here are some of the best:

Some people are, unsurprisingly, not buying the claims out of Foxboro.

“Who Dey” nation just added a few more members. 

Apparently the person filming wanted to get rid of the taping. We managed to get footage of him trying to delete the sideline footage:

Speaking of leaked footage, here is a first look at what the Bengals sideline looked like on film:

The 1-12 Bengals, that is. I repeat, the ONE win Bengals.

Oh how times have changed.

At least the Bengals noticed one thing this season. 

Next time, Cincinnati will be ready. 

The Bengals just want to know what an advance scout is and where they can get one. 

Bengals coach Zac Taylor did not comment on the matter, other than to say the league was investigating the situation. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said he, “didn’t have anything at all to do with this.”