After a gesture like this, how can Cole choose the West Coast over New York? These fans might just get their holiday wish. 
 “PLEASE SIGN GERRIT COLE,” the sign read. New York Yankees fans know what they want for their team and they will go to great lengths to ask for it. Free agent pitcher Gerrit Cole has been on the mind of fans for some time and they are making it known that they will welcome the former Houston Astros hurler with open arms — and are basically begging the front office to make it happen.
On Friday morning, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman kept up with tradition and rappelled down from the Landmark Building, one of the tallest buildings in Stamford, Conn. Someone left a message for Cashman on the window of a 10th-floor office, according to the Associated Press:
Cashman had assistance as he scaled the 22 stories and the spectacle kicked off the Rappelling Santa’s arrival in Stamford.  According to ESPN, the Yankees have made the pitcher their top priority. Signing will of course come at a cost, but the team is prepared to make Cole a “record-setting” deal and “have ownership-level approval” to do so. 
Cole has also reassured the Yankees that he has no West Coast bias. 
Despite initial reports that Cole was likely to head West Coast to be closer to where he grew up, possibly signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers or Los Angeles Angels, recent reports show the Yankees as the new favorites. 
The commitment from fans is definitely there. 
Now we all just wait and see if Cole ends up in pinstripes.