Clint Frazier decided to hope on Twitch to play “Call of Duty” with New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones on Tuesday night and let’s just say the New York Yankees outfielder had a little bit of fun at the expense of the Houston Astros.
Frazier had a spectacular start to the 2019 season as he hit .267 with 12 home runs and 38 RBI during the first two months of the campaign. However, Frazier was sent down to the minors when the team acquired Edwin Encarnacion on June 16. “I might hit a home run because I know what pitch is coming,” Frazier joked. The comment came as he was hitting a garbage can in the game.  Because the MLB‘s investigation into the matter is ongoing, it’s yet to be proven if the Astros actually did steal signs. But even if it isn’t, the Yankees may always wonder what could’ve been. They lost all four road games in Houston during the 2017 American League Championship Series and dropped two of the three games in Houston this past postseason.
Of course, Frazier’s jab was aimed at the Astros, who recently were accused of stealing signs. Allegedly, the Astros had a system that included banging a garbage can to communicate with the hitter which pitch was about to be delivered.
It’s unclear what the future holds in terms of Frazier being a part of the franchise, but he’s certainly enjoying life and trolling the Astros in the process.