The Packers aren’t playing on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field this week, but they’re probably feeling right at home in New York, and that’s because heavy snow has started falling at MetLife Stadium.  

During the first quarter of the Packers’ game against the Giants, a light snowfall hit East Rutherford, New Jersey, and eventually there was so much snow on the ground that you couldn’t even see the field. 

First, here’s what things looked like when the game kicked off at 1 p.m. ET. Although there was some freezing rain falling, there wasn’t a single snowflake on the field. 

A little bit after kickoff, a snowstorm hit the stadium, and here’s what things looked like once the snow started falling. 

By the end of the first quarter, you couldn’t even see the field. 

After nearly 45 straight minutes of snowfall, there was so much snow on the ground that Fox had to start superimposing the hashmarks and yard-line numbers on the field just so fans at home could see what was happening. 

Of course, superimposing the hashmarks on the field doesn’t really help the players, so each time there’s been a stop in play, there have been multiple people on the field shoveling the snow up. 

So far, the snow hasn’t really been a problem for either quarterback. 

Late in the first quarter, Daniel Jones threw an 18-yard touchdown pass to Sterling Shepard

Aaron Rodgers then matched him a few minutes later with a 37-yard scoring pass to Allen Lazard

Although both of those throws were impressive, the best play of the day probably belongs to Mason Crosby, who somehow managed to hit a 47-yard field goal in the snow. 

Based on the forecast, things aren’t expected to get much better over the course of the game. According to, there’s expected to be precipitation throughout the game, although it could turn to freezing rain if the temperature warms up at all at MetLife Stadium. 

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