Florida State is looking for a new coach for its football team after firing Willie Taggart, and apparently former NFL, and FSU, star Deion Sanders is in the conversation for the job. After Taggart was fired with a 9-12 record through a season and a half in Tallahassee, Ian Rapoport reported that Sanders is a serious candidate for the spot. 

Florida State is in jeopardy of missing a bowl game for the second straight season, but some think “Prime Time” could turn this program around, including Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James

Upon hearing the rumors that Sanders is on the alleged short list to take the head coaching spot, James took to Twitter to endorse the former cornerback. 

The Ohio State fan said Sanders would be “PERFECT” for the role and would no doubt be welcomed by potential player’s families. James said, “One thing about it he would get in any household on the planet to talk with a kid/parent/s.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer has no coaching experience other than in high school, so some do not think he would be the best first choice for the position, but he has been getting some support on social media. 

Many believe he might high step into a smaller role with the team, but for now, it is all up in the air.