This NBA offseason was a furious whirlwind of news and player transactions, even more so than usual. It was one of the wilder offseasons we’ve seen in any sport recently, so it’s understandable if some news managed to slip through the cracks or pass through your blindspot. 

However, it might surprise you to know that some NBA players also may not exactly be up to date on their news, even if it involves a former teammate. That appears to be the case with James Harden, who delivered this quote after Wednesday’s Rockets-Warriors game.

When asked about the state of the Warriors, Harden said he hoped that Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry — all injured — could get back on the floor together soon. It’s a nice little comment from Harden but the only issue, of course, is that Durant no longer plays for the Warriors — he signed a deal with the Brooklyn Nets this past offseason. 

Perhaps Harden let that slip his mind and misspoke, which would be an honest mistake from a tired guy who just played a full game of NBA basketball. Or, in a more fun scenario, maybe Harden is trolling the Warriors and their fans, as they’ve been the biggest adversaries of Harden and the Rockets over the past few years, and now they’re sort of an easy target with a bleak outlook.

In any case, Harden’s comment left plenty of people confused on Wednesday night and, in case it wasn’t clear, Kevin Durant will not be walking through that door.