MLB no longer wants to pay players for how good they used to be,” Samson said. “They now want to pay young players for how good they will be and are being. That’s not called collusion. That’s called smart business.”
“Every day you get more information,” Anthopoulos said. “And we’ve had time to connect with 27 of the clubs — obviously the Astros and [Nationals] being in the World Series, they were tied up — but we had a chance to get a sense of what the other clubs are going to look to do in free agency, who might be available in trades.”
With the MLB offseason just about to start heating up, Atlanta Braves general Alex Anthopoulos made some questionable comments about the free agency system and speaking with other teams. Shortly following those comments, MLBPA executive director Tony Clark revealed that an investigation will take place to see if any collusion took place. When it comes to this particular situation, the issue is the sharing of information to help determine what kind of offers players might receive in free agency. It also pertains to what free agents may be targeted by specific teams once free agency opens. In Thursday’s installment of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” Samson further discussed the situation and doesn’t believe that  Anthopoulos is guilty of collusion.
It’s certainly going to be a big storyline in the baseball world as the offseason begins.
In recent offseasons, it hasn’t exactly been a race for teams to sign marquee players. For example, Bryce Harper didn’t sign with the Philadelphia Phillies until spring training was underway and the Braves didn’t land Dallas Keuchel until June.
“The statements made by Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos call into the question the integrity of the entire free-agent system,” Clark said of Anthopoulos’ comments. “The clear description of Club coordination is egregious, and we have launched an immediate investigation looking into the matter.”