He believes their story would have been different if there was a lead and Cole was never actually going to pitch in the game. Samson adds that he believes Houston wanted Cole in the best health possible heading into free agency. 
“Cole was not put in the game, and that is inexcusable for me. But what is more inexcusable is why Cole was not put in the game.”
With analytics, “You can’t rely solely on it,” Samson goes on to explain and says doing so may have cost the Astros the world series. “In a Game 7 I’m gonna use my eyes more,” he said. 
David Samson leads the post-World Series edition of the ‘Nothing Personal with David Samson’ podcast with the word of the day which today is “Unfortunate” which he uses to describe Andy Dalton’s current situation but also applies to the Houston Astros who lost Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday 6-2 to the Washington Nationals.  And speaking of free agency, Cole was seen after the game during his press conference in a hat with the logo of his agent Scott Boras and posted messages on social media that had the underlying feeling that this guy was definitely leaving. It is looking like Cole attended, because you can’t say pitched, in his last game with the Astros in their Game 7 loss..  Samson questioned the Astros’ pitching choices at the end of the game. “If you’re going to go to the bullpen how can you not go for Gerrit Cole,” but that’s not what Houston did, and advanced analytics may have played a part in that decision. 
Samson thinks they gave up the chance for a ring with that decision. He says Houston may not get another chance at a title with this core group and that will weigh on the clubhouse for as long as this iteration of the Astros is together.
Hinch will have you believe the plan was only to pitch Cole in the ninth inning if they had the lead, but that leaves Samson with a few questions. 
Hinch came out of the dugout to take starter Zack Greinke out of the game in the seventh inning, Samson was saying to himself, “He’s got to be getting Cole, he’s gotta be getting Cole,” but the Astros did not bring in Cole.  “You’re not going to the best pitcher possibly in the entire game, certainly in the American League and certainly in the postseason? Because you’re not losing?”