After the World Series victory, Martinez gathered his team in the locker room to address, and try to put into words, the season they had this year. 
Pointing to the World Series trophy he said:
As he completed his speech, the team erupted and sprayed so much champagne that at one point all the camera could see was bubbles.  He also said that even fans were concerned and as the argument between Martinez and the umpire was going on someone was yelling to him, “Your heart, your heart!”

In September, Martinez had an issue with his health and underwent a cardiac catheterization after a heart scare. For many games he had to remain seated, to keep his heart rate steady, and any sudden burst of emotion worried his doctors and his teammates. 

With the stress of the season gone and a ring coming his way, Martinez should have a more relaxing winter. In Game 6, after a controversial call left the Nationals furious and many fans confused, Martinez got in the face of the umpires and eventually became so heated he was ejected from the game
“This right here, and you guys, cured my heart. And tonight, I will celebrate with my boys, because we are world champions.” Someone with a heart condition should not be getting as irate as he was, and as a result he said doctors were worried about his health.
The Washington Nationals beat the odds and defeated the Houston Astros 6-2 to bring the Commissioners’ Trophy to D.C. for the first time since 1924. It took all seven games and four away wins, but manager Dave Martinez lead his squad to victory. Back in May, the team was 19-31. The playoffs, and definitely a World Series championship, did not seem likely and Martinez was on the hot seat. The team turned its season around in historic fashion and won five elimination games in October.