“Minshew Mania” is real. So real, that on Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ stadium will be filled with look-a-likes of quarterback Gardner Minshew. Be prepared for a sea of ‘staches. 

The Jaguars will be giving out 35,000 mustaches at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday ahead of their game against the New Orleans Saints.

That will be quite the sight. 

Fans have already been inspired by the mustached QB, with many dressing themselves, or their children, like Minshew and wearing mustaches to reflect his signature look. 

While some already own the accessory and will probably BYOM (bring your own mustache), for those who are without, the Jags will have them covered. No doubt fans will be arriving early to the game to make sure they get their hands on one of those bad boys. The mustaches given out will be the perfect souvenir for any Jacksonville fan attending the game, and is sure to make the crowd look rather unique. 

The sight may even intimidate the opposing team. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the “Terrible Towel,” the Green Bay Packers have cheeseheads and the Jaguars now have this. 

The team is not just giving out thousands of mustaches, they are also giving 10 lucky fans Minshew jerseys. There’s just one catch: You have to wear cutoff jorts to replicate the quarterbacks style. Luckily the county of Duval is located in a warm weather climate. 

In case you missed the many fashion statements he has made so far, here is a peak at Minshew’s favorite look:

The 23-year-old has helped lead the team to their 2-3 record in what is becoming a very close AFC South race and was honored with the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month award in September. Jaguars fans are hoping the jorts-loving, mustache-wearing, Uncle Rico-looking player is the team’s answer to a solid quarterback.