Now that Jay Gruden is out as head coach of the Washington Redskins, he could be a candidate for a new job elsewhere in the NFL, Including with his brother Jon, the big-name coach of the Oakland Raiders.

Addressing his younger brother’s dismissal from Washington on Tuesday, the older Gruden declined to discuss the possibility of Jay joining his staff with the Raiders. But he did express sympathy for his brother’s firing, albeit in a playful manner — fitting for a coach known for his color commentary.

“I’m obviously very disappointed for my brother,” Gruden said Tuesday ahead of Oakland’s bye week, per NFL Network. “It was a long night, last couple of nights. He worked hard. Got a lot of respect for my brother. Obviously, I’m disappointed for him getting fired. But my dad’s been fired. I’ve been fired. Jay’s been fired, and welcome to the club, bro.”

For what it’s worth, Jay Gruden didn’t necessarily seem bent out of shape over departing an 0-5 Redskins team upon learning of his firing this week. The former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator and UFL coach was in his first career head-coaching gig at the NFL level, but he told media this week that “there are some major issues” in Washington.

As of now, Gruden doesn’t intend to return to coaching this season. Perhaps things will change in 2020, especially when Jon and the Raiders move to Las Vegas and could be eyeing new staff members.