Through a quarter of the 2019 NFL season, two teams in the AFC East are chasing history — just in opposite directions.

The division-leading New England Patriots sit atop the standings at 4-0 after their close win over the Buffalo Bills in Week 4. And considering all they’ve got going for them (a dominant defense, an ageless Tom Brady, the magician that is Bill Belichick), there’s talk of the Pats making a legitimate run at an undefeated regular season — something they last accomplished in 2007, the year they won every game up until the Super Bowl.

At the other end of the AFC East, the Miami Dolphins are 0-4, and they’ve been outscored by a whopping 137 points. Many people expected Miami to hover around the bottom of the league during a rebuild under new coach Brian Flores, but few people expected them to be this bad. And now, considering their all-but-admitted “tank” toward 2020 and beyond, there’s talk of the Dolphins finishing the regular season 0-16 — an embarrassment of a record that’s stained only two teams, the 2008 Detroit Lions and 2017 Cleveland Browns.

How likely is it, though, that the Pats actually go undefeated? Or that the Dolphins mirror their utter excellence with utter incompetence? Westgate SuperBook has fresh odds on whether New England will go 16-0 and Miami will go 0-16 as we enter the second quarter of the 2019 campaign:

Will the Patriots go 16-0 in the regular season?

Yes: +750
No: -1200

Will the Dolphins go 0-16 in the regular season?

Yes: +375
No: -500

As you can see, the Dolphins are considered rather significantly more likely to finish winless (+375, or 3.75-1) than the Patriots are to win all of their remaining regular-season games (+750, or 7.5-1), and it’s safer to bet against the Pats finishing 16-0 than it is to bet against the Dolphins winning a single game. So one thing is for sure, if it wasn’t already: No one’s counting on Miami to do much of anything this season.