The collective heads of the curmudgeon crowd might explode. So be it.  Obviously, some of the old guard types — fans, former players, media alike — will really hate this, but this is aimed at a younger generation of fans Major League Baseball will need as it moves forward. The fan base of baseball has always skewed older, but grabbing the young generation is essential for the overall health of the game. 
The level of play is the best it has ever been and MLB is really making a point to let everyone know. I absolutely love this and the so-called old guard is the one that needs to adjust. We aren’t moving back in time here, we’re embracing the future of the sport with the likes of Ronald Acuna and Aaron Judge
Excellent work, MLB. You just hit another home run. Feel free to watch it and flip your bat. Or not. Just be yourself and celebrate how you want. I won’t be throwing any brush-back pitches. .  Major League Baseball’s marketing arm has really embraced the new-school aspect of today’s game in recent years with campaigns like “Let the Kids Play” and a trio of commercials they released at the All-Star break that continued it. The commercial they released for the postseason on Tuesday goes even further with “We Play Loud.” It’s outstanding.