Does Pete need any furniture moved? Jerry might not end up helping him, but once the spit controversy gets taken care of, Newman and Kramer will be right there ready to move the boxspring and the 12-section couch. Just whatever you do Pete, don’t ask them to take you to the airport, they don’t know you like that.  The episode also has the iconic spit scene, that is meant to be a not-so-subtle reference of the John F. Kennedy assassination. The spit coming from someone hits multiple people, pauses mid-air and makes a left turn. “That is one magic loogie.” Kramer, Newman and Jerry would re-enact the spit scene that the first two would initially blame on Alonso. Jerry would inform them, “There had to have been a second spitter!” Maybe the second spitter could be Jeff McNeil.
If Alonso is anywhere near as good of an actor as he is at hitting home runs, he would do just fine in a remake of this episode. Dare I say, he would hit it out of the park. 
For the (few) people unaware of “The Boyfriend” episode of “Seinfeld,” Mets legend and current Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez is the special guest and subject. Jerry and George meet Hernandez in the gym locker room, and he turns out to be a huge fan of Jerry’s comedy. The episode description continues saying, “but after being introduced to Elaine, Keith breaks his date with Jerry to make one with her” and navigates through many more classic scenes from the series. 
Jerry Seinfeld tweeted on Sunday, after New York Mets Pete Alonso hit a rookie record 52nd home run, teasing a “Seinfeld” reboot if he could get Alonso to star in a remake of the classic “The Boyfriend” episode, and the slugger said he’s in.  I can already picture George questioning why Jerry thinks he is in any way on the same level as the Mets young star. “He’s Pete Alonso, you’re Jerry Seinfeld.” He would continue on saying, “The guy’s a baseball player, Jerry. Baseball! The guy set a franchise record with 42 home runs this season. He ended the season with 53, Jerry. You’ve never done anything CLOSE to that.”  The fans want Newman yelling, “Nice game, pretty boy” to Alonso. Jerry, please make this happen. 
Now picture all that but with Alonso. Like Hernandez, Alonso is also a first baseman. “I mean, they always put the worst player at first base,” according to Elaine. Mets fan and comedian Seinfeld was obviously aware of Alonso’s performance on the field this year and thinks maybe he could be a decent actor too. 
Cut to the date with Elaine. “So tell me about the 53rd home run,” she would say. On the second date Alonso would say, unprompted, “So, about that time I was an All-Star …”