Following its initial release on Sept. 6, “NBA 2K20” has experienced a number of issues that have left fans angry and disappointed with the latest installment of the popular video game. The collective disappointment has resulted in a viral campaign that is trending on Twitter.

Scores of 2K fans have come together to spread the hashtag #fix2k20 after a rough initial rollout of the game. It seems as though 2K’s servers weren’t prepared to handle the mass influx of gamers logging on over the weekend and, as a result, a variety of bugs have seriously plagued the experience. 

From PC Gamer:

The list of issues is long and includes slow loading, countless reports of crashes, reputation bars and other progression systems freezing and, of course, loot boxes. The Triple Threat mode has also been taken offline, with 2K not yet able to say when it will reappear. It’s not just a shoddy PC port, either, as the problems appear to be affecting all versions of the game.  

The NBA 2K games tend to be massively popular and competitive in both the basketball and eSports world, so the shaky rollout has undoubtedly come as a huge source of frustration for plenty of players. And not only has the brutal rollout taken a hit on the developer’s reputation but, with a lot of the game’s modes making micro-transactions a point of emphasis, it also may be costing the company a good bit of money.

Some fans are angry enough to call for the jobs of those behind the game’s development, while others have decided to enjoy some laughs over the game’s glitches and poke fun at themselves for spending so much money on a game that has turned out to be junk. 

The response from annoyed fans has been too loud for 2K to ignore and it has seemingly been a rough few days not only for the development team, but also for the support team. 

The company promises it’s working on sorting out the issues but says it could need a few more days before things start running a bit smoother. Until then, it seems that social media is going to be a sort of safe haven and outlet for those anxiously awaiting a patch.