Sunday was a bit of a rough day for Red Sox fans visiting Petco Park in San Diego. Sure, they represented well on the road and got to enjoy a beautiful Southern California afternoon game at the ballpark, but the result was far from ideal. 
A well-executed and unexpected “Rick Roll”… in 2019?! That’s not easy to do. It’s essentially one of the internet’s oldest pranks and nearly every person with a computer has been victimized by a rogue Rick Astley, so it’s tough to catch people off guard these days. 
During a break in the action, the ballpark jumbotron fired up some choice karaoke and asked fans to sing along. The song of choice? “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, a peculiar selection considering it’s become a staple of game days at Fenway Park over the past few decades.  But while it’s a commonly utilized internet troll tactic, it’s much more rare to see the “Rick Roll” executed out in the wild. Credit to the Padres for being sly enough to create a truly special moment in ballpark history.

Not only did Sox fans have to watch their team drop the series finale, but they also got pretty thoroughly trolled by the Padres game ops department in the process. 
Spinning “Sweet Caroline” for a bunch of Red Sox fans and giving them plenty of shine on the big video screen seemed like a rather questionable tactic to secure home-field advantage, so it’s likely that plenty of Padres fans in attendance were a bit confused as to what was going on. But ultimately the move wasn’t quite as gracious or as innocent as it may have originally seemed. There was a wonderful twist in store.