Daniel Dubois snatched the British heavyweight title from old enemy Nathan Gorman with a sensational show of Mike Tyson-esque brutality.

Traveller Gorman had been walked to the O2 ring by third cousin Tyson Fury but it was the Gypsy King’s more ferocious namesake who seemed to be in the ring once the action started, The Sun reports.

Gorman, who welcomed his baby daughter Valencia into the world at 5am on Tuesday morning and named her after the latin word for ‘strength’, promised to take the Lonsdale belt home to celebrate.

But powerhouse Dubois showed who the Daddy of the new generation of British heavyweights is with a magnificent show of aggression and sportsmanship that ended in the fifth.

Dubois’ first hopeful right hand skimmed off Gorman’s freshly shaved head, as he showed off the defensive skills expected of him.

Gorman’s trainer Ricky Hatton demanded “solid work” from his star pupil and he got it as he tagged Dubois early on in a clinch and refused to be manhandled by the muscle-bound hulk.

DDD landed with another right hand, a more thudding version, but Goman, 23 swallowed it again and tied his man up.

Nathan Gorman was never getting back up.

Nathan Gorman was never getting back up.Source: Getty Images

The second started with fireworks, a shootout in the centre of the ring that both men seemed to enjoy.

Gorman was then clattered with a thunderous dig and he folded into the ropes briefly before showing brilliant powers of recovery.

Dubois was hurling monstrous shots but Gorman was countering rapidly and he grinned after one onslaught, in a bid to break 21-year-old Dubois’ confidence.

The outside corner of Gorman’s left eye was pouring blood by the end of the thrilling second, it seemed like a clash of heads must have caused the gash.

Peacock boss Martin Bowers must have said some wise words in the break because Gorman, 23, was floored almost as soon as the third started.

Three rasping right hands demolished Gorman’s guard and folded him to the canvas for a count of eight.

The Nantwich man showed incredible courage to rise and slug it out, with the Greenwich KO machine’s nostrils overflowing with the stench of blood.

Daniel Dubois has sent a warning to the world.

Daniel Dubois has sent a warning to the world.Source: Getty Images

Gorman and Dubois shared close to 300 rounds in the Team GB squad around 2015 and the Traveller insisted he did not lose one.

But Dubois has grown in size and character since those timid days scoring points in 16oz gloves and a headguard.

Gorman was sent stumbling by another howitzer in the fifth, softly spoken Dubois was fighting like his hero Mike Tyson with an air of ruthlessness all around him.

Gorman accused Dubois of being stiff, robotic and predictable in the build-up, so he should have seen the textbook double-jab, right hand that smashed him to the deck and ended the fight in sensational fashion.

Beautifully, after 15 minutes of savage warfare, Dubois then chased Gorman into his corner, once the referee had called the fight off, to embrace his old sparring partner and beaten friend.

It was a near-perfect performance from Dubois, who recorded his 11th knockout and 12th victory of his career. He remains undefeated.

It was just yet another sign that the heavyweight division has a lot to worried about in coming years — maybe even sooner than many think.

— This story originally appeared on thesun.co.uk